2018 will be whatever you make it

by Jess Wilby on January 01, 2018

January 1st, 2018. It’s that time of year when people are making bold predictions and setting life-changing goals. But do you really need to create a new you or just discover more about yourself?

Whilst to some this may seem like the same question, take a look closer. One says ‘you’re not good enough how you are’ and the other says ‘things are good but how can they be better?’

It’s this key difference that will spur you on throughout the year to achieve your goals, if you choose to make them. As twee as it may sound, today is the first page of a whole new chapter in your life. A lot can happen in 365 days so even if you’re the type to roll your eyes at the mere thought of New Year’s resolutions, you might want to consider what you could achieve.

What you don’t want to be doing is focusing on the guilt of how things are now. If you approach the new year with a negative mindset, it will no doubt creep up on you when you start to veer away from your goals. Which, by the way, is inevitable. We don’t wake up one day completely changed with a renewed sense of direction.

Whether your aim in January is to kick start a new project or simply figure our what you really want from life, 2018 will be whatever you want it to be.

Consistency is the key

Let’s say your goal is to ‘get more creative’. How are you going to measure that? It’s simply too big and assumes you don’t already have the capability to create something incredible. Make the goal smaller, but stretch it over time. How about changing it to ‘I’m going to doodle one thing every day’. By changing the goal, you’re building up an easy to achieve habit that gets your creativity flowing every day. Once you’ve got 365 days worth of doodles, you’ll definitely know you’ve reached your goal.

In fact, it’s the habit building element that most people underestimate. You can’t just say you’re suddenly going to sign up for the gym and go 6 times a week, you’d have to rearrange your whole life to find in a routine like that! What you’re challenging yourself to do might seem like a small step, but as you build up a habit over time your actions will take on new meaning.

We have to think realistically what will already fit into our daily routine. For example, think of something you naturally do every day. You wake up, you brush your teeth, you go to work. What new habit can you attach to these actions? Let’s see;

  • During your daily commute, you could listen to audiobooks to learn a new skill.
  • The night before work you could prepare breakfast to give yourself the opportunity to spend more time adjusting to the morning, without feeling as if you’re on a time limit.
  • When you’re brushing your teeth you could multi-task and try some quick yoga power poses to stretch out your body and limber up for a new day

The trick is to make small changes and additions that are easy to achieve but make a big impact overall. Find what works for you.


So what will 2018 be for Shores?

Sometimes you need to put your goals down on paper to make them a little real, so here’s a digital record that you can hold us to. In 2018 Shores aim to launch our exciting new product, build our super-inspiring mailing list to 1000 sign ups and stay true to the identity we’ve crafted in 2017.

Pop your goals in the comment section below. We’ll hold you to yours, and you can stick around and hold us to ours.

Or, if you’re really stuck and don’t quite know what you want from the year ahead download our free PDF book Be You, to help you embrace who you are right now.



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