Consistency is key

by Jess Wilby on May 14, 2019

If you read any business books you'll no doubt hear the phrase 'the hardest step is the first one' or 'the biggest task is getting started' - but I'd beg to differ. 

When you're passionate about a project, getting started isn't the issue. It's consistency that's the real challenge.

The nature of our content heavy collaborations leaves us with a lot highs and lows at Shores. We've run some amazing campaigns with extremely talented artists, but without a core line to ensure there is constantly product on the website, we've experienced some quiet lulls.

We've noticed it. You've noticed it.

That's why we've been quietly working away with a group of incredible artists to create a seamless roll out. One where we can bring you regular artist collaborations, alongside a core line of jackets made by our in-house artist.

We want to shout about it. We want to make something so amazing that you shout about it too.

So no more secrets, we're working with Anthony Walker, Marcus Method, Louise Lockhart, Matt Manson, Faye Moorhouse and many more artist who are in the production stages of print runs and hand painted artwork.

Filming, interviewing, test printing, development - it all takes time and that's something we've learnt to factor into our output.

We want to thank everyone who has joined us up to this point and we're excited to bring you more artwork in July.

For regular updates on swatches, collaborations and just musings from our journey, please consult our Instagram and Facebook page.


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