Finding Your Purpose by reverse engineering your life

In the previous post I discussed the importance of having a purpose, but the real nitty gritty comes in attempting to ‘find’ that purpose.

The trick I believe is that you don’t find your purpose at all, or if you do it is more of an uncovering than an active searching.

If you search for your purpose it suggests an outward journey, a ‘doing’. Your true purpose I have found comes from your ‘being’ rather than your ‘doing’. Sure there is activity and action involved in fulfilling your purpose but to uncover your purpose it comes from who you are rather than what you do.

Most of us have been taught that the way of the world is DO. HAVE. BE. If we DO a certain thing, for example a job, then we will HAVE money, then finally we will BE happy. How has that been working for you so far? If you are like most people and myself then the DO and HAVE don’t necessarily equate to the BE. Most of us DO work very hard, some of us then HAVE some money, but few of us ARE happy.

There’s always something that will get in the way of our happiness. There’s always something to worry about, to focus upon, to dwell upon. We seldom are fulfilled for more than a brief glimmer. If we need to DO and HAVE before we ARE, then something will always interfere with what we do and what we have.

When we ARE it first, then nothing can come in the way of that. We are fully in control of our responses to the world and all it can throw at us. This is a great place to be. There is great strength here. We can be both incredibly flexible and open and yet have great certainty too.

From here you can HAVE anything happen in your life and you are unmoved within.

So for example should you decide that happiness and fulfilment is what you most want, rather than waiting for the old DO.HAVE.BE to manifest itself (it won’t), you decide to trying BEING happy and fulfilled first (fake it until you make it most definitely works here). The only sustainable way of doing that is to go out and make somebody else happy and fulfilled first. When you go out and cause the very thing you want in somebody else, you create a manifestation loophole in the universe because you immediately have the very thing you desire. Magic.

I know it’s getting a little cosmic here!

When you come from this open place it is like the Universe conspires with all its force and power to help and assist you in coming from this place more and more. Opportunities happen. Ideas arrive. Doors open that seemed firmly shut. The right people come in to your life. You start to feel more appreciative of everything around you and this attracts more of the same. Momentum builds naturally and your path becomes clearer and clearer. Because you are BEING truer and truer to yourself and the pressures off, things can flow to you. When you do it the other way round and you are trying to muster the sheer strength, courage, will power and energy to drive yourself forward and ‘succeed’, it’s like trying to push a boulder up hill.

Actually, you can just let go of the boulder. Phew now that’s a relief!

The hard part of having let go and deciding to come from a BE. HAVE. DO mentality is the sheer trust in yourself and the universe that this will unfold as described, and to not meddle with the process or revert to the old way of doing things.

If we concentrate on finding our WHY, then we can let the Universe work on the HOW. It’s that trust and faith that is the wind in your sails and the fire in your belly. It is that trust and faith that gets you out of bed each morning knowing you are making a difference in your world and that you have a purpose and a destiny.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be huge and lofty. You don’t have to write a blockbuster novel, sell a million records or run a billion dollar business to feel you have a worthy purpose. Your purpose could be to explore your creativity, have a show in a gallery, teach art therapy to children. Your purpose could be to share your experience of depression with others.

Your purpose could be to be the best version of you that you can be. Ultimately, perhaps that’s all of our truest and greatest purposes right there – to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

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