How do you write about art?

by Jess Wilby on November 20, 2018

Writing about art goes two different ways. You can either take what I like to call the 'airy-fairy' route or the newsworthy route.

We like the 'airy-fairy' route at Shores. The blog posts that make you wonder, the ones that ask big philosophical questions about what creativity really is. But there was a point were we tried to change to a more 'news wire' feel.

Airy-fairy isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

So I thought, why not create an art news hub? A couple of monthly blog posts dedicated to telling you about what's going on in the art world. Quite similar to our newsletter, but with in-depth content from us specifically about art.

I signed up to newsletters, PR wires and put my ear to the ground to tap into everything going on in the art world. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

Here's an example of the type of content flooding my inbox:

- A London gallery hosting an exclusive auction with a luxury car brand
- A very expensive jewelry firm inspired by art deco
- London design team announce £1bn project
- An email asking us to copy and paste and entire press release as is

Whilst I can't knock the projects for their success, there was a distinct air of exclusivity. Not only that, but the spoon-fed content was lacking in the one thing it shouldn't have been - creativity.

Not to mention the fact that these art projects were almost polar opposites to Shores. Events with black tie dress codes in posh London boroughs are pretty much exactly what someone on the fringe of the art world dreads.

That's not what we're about at Shores

We believe in art for all. Creativity so bright it shines into every small, dark space. (You see, airy-fairy comes naturally to us).

If we continued our mission to keep you updated on the art world, the sad truth is that often those with the biggest PR budget rise to the top. You'd miss out on the amazing street artists who don't have an agent, the brilliant Etsy sellers to busy fulfilling orders to do PR and the talented, but shy creatives who don't have the confidence to shout about themselves.

We consider ourselves story-tellers.

We like to create rich content about each artist we work with. It takes time to do each artist justice, creating something that fits their style. We've recently been busy collaborating with Art Battle Manchester to create a docu-film, taking you behind the scenes of Manchester's iconic creative project - it has been months in the making.

So we might not be the quickest on the beat as an art blog, but the stories we do create are ones we truly care to share and ones that we feel explore the real art world.

No copy & pasting press releases, no exclusive passes - just great stories, from great people, doing great things.

That's how you write about art.



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