If you're looking for permission, this is it.

by Jess Wilby on November 12, 2018

Most of us have a clear idea of how we want to be seen, by ourselves and by others.

Not many of us have the mindset to really embrace that identity.

So if you're looking for permission - this is it.

No one else is going to give it to you, so you may as well take this as a sign.

The truth is we only share a fraction of the 'real' us to our friends and family out of fear of being judged. You're not unique in feeling like this, but you are unique in many other ways. So, why not celebrate what makes you, you?

What are you honestly afraid of?

Is it the thought of standing out? Or perhaps is it the thought of being told 'oh - that's a different look for you'? Because if that's the worst thing that can happen then let's go all in. Let's raise some eyebrows and turn some heads. 

Still unsure?

It's all good and well speaking in platitudes and motivational snippets, but sometimes 'being unique' can be a daunting concept. You're bored of the mundane, but you're not quite convinced about flipping to the other side of the spectrum.

But what if you changed one thing?

Just one small change that showed a little colour or personality. You might not be comfortable walking down the high-street in a giant pink padded coat, but a red soled boot might be easier to handle. How can you start to show off your true self?

Little changes like this are less about how others see you and more about how you build up your confidence. Does it matter if people notice your new yellow shirt? No. But you'll feel the difference. As soon as you feel confident enough to say 'I like this, I feel good in this outfit' instead of sticking to the safe options, you notice a shift in yourself.

So if you needed one last nudge to start that shift within you, here it is.

Start today.


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