Shifting Shores

by Rik Arron on September 10, 2017

When we created the brand Shores several years ago, we were all attracted to the name Shores itself because we felt it was a very evocative word. One of the main images that attracted us was that of shores being the place where the sea and land meet, an ever evolving, constantly shifting border between one world and another. We wanted Shores to be just that – a place of constant change and evolution, a coming together of different worlds in a way that always felt new, fresh and exciting.

It is because those values have remained so close to our hearts and to our purpose that we are now changing how we currently do things at Shores.

We have been successfully selling outerwear for many, many years now and while we have always believed in the products we have sold and tried to create a brand with a strong purpose, we have lost a little faith in the retail landscape over recent times, and indeed in the fast fashion market.

We don’t want to disrespect any other companies who are successful in this field, nor to be derogatory about the marketplace itself, but we have to be true to ourselves and to our original intent and purpose. We always wanted to create a brand that had strong values, and offer something both original and of meaning to our customers. Admittedly this is hard to do in the ‘fashion industry’ where everything seems to have been done already. It’s even harder to do online where saturation is key, originality rare, celebrity endorsements are the currency and the power of social media is neutralised by brands and their big marketing budgets.

So yes we aren’t afraid to admit we lost heart. It didn’t feel like fun anymore. We didn’t feel we were able to add much value to our customers lives through our content or our products, our purpose became somewhat blurred and making money, although a highly desirable business goal, was no longer enough for us.

So we regrouped. It was time to change, time to evolve  – just like the name Shores had always suggested we should. We did a lot of soul searching, did a lot of reading, attended numerous seminars and workshops and honed our purpose. As usual the answer never lies far from where you actually are, it’s never a cataclysmic change as many of us fear – it’s usually just a tweak, a sharpening of the elements already in place. Nevertheless we have found our joy again, we’ve rediscovered our spark, our passion and we can’t wait to share our vision with you.


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