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Have you ever made one of those bold ‘new year, new me’ promises? Perhaps you pictured the great movie transformation scenes of the 90’s hollywood; You’d have a new haircut and a new mindset.

But here we are, over halfway through 2017 and most of us still feel as if we live within the same parameters. We wear the same clothes, talk the same talk, walk the same walk. Not because we’re comfortable, but because we’ve fallen into routine.

That new look? It’s still attainable. You don’t need a fresh start, those are always a bad excuse anyway. All you need to do is start being you.


Be You

Yes, we’re really going to keep hammering that statement until you truly feel empowered to do so. Because that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? Empowering each other to truly dress however we wish. It’s a give and take.

All it takes is one small step. A pair of yellow socks or a pop of red lipstick. That trickle starts a waterfall and sooner or later you’ll find yourself experimenting with textures, colours and patterns.

You might not want to slip on crocs in the office straight away, but perhaps a rebellious leather jacket would show off your true colours better than a sensible mac ever would? This about the items you’re drawn to. The ones you say ‘Oh I love this… but I could never pull it off.’

Yes you can!

People can ‘get away with’ anything when they wear it with confidence. No matter your height, your hair colour, your weight, where you’re from or where you’re going. Clothes might not maketh the man, but they certainly make him more eye catching.

Even if you’re the type to pay attention to fashion trends, you’ll most likely pull them off in your own way. After all, we’re all fashion magpies. We eye up the outfits of our peers on instagram and we flip through magazines taking in the carefully constructed editorials. We take those ideas and put them on a new mannequin with our own edge.

Imagine the most outrageously dressed person you’ve ever met, now the most stylish person. Those people had to start somewhere. Like you, the probably once had to wear a stuffy school uniform, a suffocating suit for work, they both had to escape from mundane clothing and break away with a smattering of colour and flair.


Now it’s your turn

Start to group your current outfits with some new statement pieces that completely change the look. Your all black outfit for work would make much more of an impact with a vibrant silk scarf and matching beaded bracelet. These small accents adding a hint of personality.


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