The very best of Inktober 2017

by Jess Wilby on October 13, 2017

Inktober is a social media movement that invites artists from all over the world to share a new piece of inkwork every day during October. Since 2009, Inktober has helped budding artists get to grips with paper and pen. It is a 31 day challenge that nurtures your creativity and develops your drawing skills.

Have you been keeping up?

A doodle a day keeps the artist block at bay and at Shores we’ve been enamored by all of the artwork that has graced our instagram feed this month. Seeing the transition between an artist’s first day drawing and their 31st drawing really is testament to how quickly your skills can improve with consistent practice.

Instead of leaving things completely open-ended, the Inktober crew have given creatives a list of keyword prompts to help people come up with a totally different idea every day. How you interpret the list is totally up to you! The only rule is that you create your work with ink.

An added element to the challenge is having to take things back to basics. Whilst we love being able to edit and tweak pencil or digital artwork, once the ink hits the page your work is final. This of course means you have to be very careful, but also teaches you how to correct or incorporate any mishaps into the piece if they occure. Who knows, just one accidental flick of the wrist could transform your piece for the better.

Sharing your work on the Inktober hashtag opens you up to a huge audience and gives you access to a bustling community of artists. Network, swap feedback and let the inspiration wash over you as you share a new doodle every day.

We’ve been closely following Inktober this year and sharing our favourite pieces with each other in the office. Here are some of our favourite drawings:


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