Three things artists tell us about making it on social media

by Jess Wilby on May 20, 2019

We've been collaborating with some incredible artists to bring you unique jackets, but it isn't just their creativity that artists share with us - it's also their insights.

Whilst getting to know and interviewing our artists, we've heard a few of the same gripes shared by them all when it comes to social media. As an outsider, there's nothing more exciting than the idea of being able to share your art online, gain feedback and potentially sell your wares. As a freelance artist, it's a totally different game.

We wanted to share the top 3 insights we've gained over the last 6 months.

Create art for you - not just your audience

In a recent chat with Matt Manson, he explained that it was often the least likely of pieces that took off on social media. Throughout the years he has learn to create art that matters to him, as trying to please an audience doesn't always work in the way you would hope. 

You can't force it

This lesson comes from a great friend of Shores, Anthony Walker. Anthony is an incredibly talented and of course, the first artist we launched with! Over our time working with Anthony, we've seen his style develop and change. If there's one take away we learnt from Anthony its that you can't force your craft - you have to follow the flow of your own creativity, even if that takes you away from work you're currently used to doing.

Cast your net wide

When sitting down for a chat with Faye Moorhouse, we were shocked to hear about Instagram closing the account of an artist without warning. It's safe to say that this is becoming a more common occurrence, particularly with artists who push boundaries and like to 'break the rules'.

With this said, it is important to cast your net far beyond one platform as a creator. You may have a budding community growing on Twitter, but what if there's a server outage and you can't talk to your audience for a day... maybe even a week? How would this impact you?

The biggest advice we could ever impart would be to cast your net wide. Not too wide that you lose track of all your apps, but enough to have a back up plan if your favourite social media platform decided to disappear one day!


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