We Are All Outsiders On The Inside

by Rik Arron on October 26, 2018

If you were to ask most people if they felt that they belonged somewhere, besides looking at you strangely, I would hazard a guess that most people would admit to feeling that they didn't truly belong anywhere. That could be within a family, a workplace or within a social group.

We are all individuals. We all carry in our heads and hearts a lifetime of experiences, tribulations, celebrations, scars, fears, hopes and joys.

We all resonate with different things because of what is in us. Some people find their joy in classical music and reading poetry, while others only find salvation in thrash metal and zombie movies.

It's hard then to take such individuality and expect us to fit in to any form of social group situation. We do though. We learn to adapt. Often we try to fit in. We seek acceptance. By doing that though we are quietly stifling our uniqueness. Then we wonder why we feel uncomfortable and spend time beating ourselves up because we don't feel we belong within that group or situation, possibly we even feel alone or even a sense of abandonment.

It is us though that has abandoned ourselves. We have compromised who we truly are in order to belong and to feel accepted.

That's fine.

To some degree that is how society works and we learn to function and interact.

The problem is that we rarely have this conversation. We rarely share our fears and insecurities with each other. We don't have the confidence to celebrate our quirks. When we do we discover that the whole world opens up to us. People respect your honesty, your authenticity, your vulnerability. A conversation opens up and there is nothing more fulfilling than a gathering of people who rejoice and celebrate each other for exactly who they are, without judgement.

So yes I believe we are all outsiders on the inside. The great irony is that if I wanted to belong to any group at all it would be one where a bunch of people embrace this statement as a positive manifesto and celebration of our collective 'individuality'.       





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