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by Rik Arron on December 27, 2017

First of all, this is not a paid endorsement, this article is just my own personal experience of attending the Do Lectures Breakthrough workshop.

Okay great so the formalities are out of the way, but there’s just no easy way of saying this without sounding like a paid advert – regardless I’m going to say it anyway – I just love everything that Do Lectures do. Although when I say ‘I’ really I mean ‘we’ because this is the fifth Do Lecture that the Shores team have been on and every single one of them has been incredible in it’s own was. 

The last one I attended was the Breakthrough workshop hosted by Do Lectures Founder David Hieatt in London. It was, according to David, the workshop he has wanted to do for 10 years after meeting and listening to some of the greatest motivational speakers from all over the world – many of them arriving in David’s back garden in Cardigan, West Wales, where many of the Do Lectures and Workshops take place.

It was an intense 9 hour workshop, and an intentionally distilled version of the full three day workshop to be run in April 2018. David said he had created the course and indeed the Do Lectures to try to help people to reach their potential, as he understood that this was essentially the common problem many people struggled with in their lives. He was right. The room was filled with 45 people, all different ages and stages of life but all with the same problem at the core, even though that common issue manifested itself in many different ways. There were people who had been recently made redundant looking for a way forward; there were people working ordinary jobs but with a variety of passionate and creative hobbies; there were people juggling young families trying to find meaning in the ordinariness of their domestic lives. Everyone was different and yet we were all essentially looking for the same thing.

The course was broken down into three core sections. David’s analogy was as a three-legged stool, where each leg is required to be strong for there to be proper balance. The first leg was Emotional Fitness, the second leg Financial Fitness and the third was Physical Fitness.


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Perhaps you may be asking what qualifies David to speak with such confidence about such key aspects of life as these. The answer to that is simple. He has tried it and tested it all to the max. He lives and breathes this advice, having built and sold businesses, successfully juggling a family life, he keeps himself in good shape and good health, and he motivates and energizes himself and his teams regardless of whatever else is going on around them. He’s almost overly humble with regards to how he dispatches his advice, as if it’s as much of an honour for him to share it as it is for us to receive it On a few occasions he coyly declines to fully comment on how his recommended 90 day habit forming wallchart works (as created by Jerry Seinfeld), and that was just because he was ONLY 82 days into a 90 day alcohol free experiment and therefore not 100% of the way. Although he did add that giving up alcohol this way had so far been unexpectedly easy.

Without wanting to either reveal too much about the course or be too flippant and undermine it’s integrity, it’s difficult to sum up such an intense workshop in just a few paragraphs. Nevertheless.

Emotional Fitness investigated who we are now and who we want to be. David empowered the group with constant advice on changing and hacking our habits to bring out the best in us referencing Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg; understanding the mind and how to work WITH it not against it; our understanding of pain vs pleasure and flipping this relationship; gratitude and how to appreciate where we are now and what we have got. Essentially the morning Emotional Fitness session focused on becoming a happier version of ourselves and deciding what we need to do (and not do) in order to move closer to that EACH and EVERY day – and that was probably the key takeaway from the morning session – be consistent, work towards your goals by doing something, however tiny that may be, EVERYDAY.

The Financial Fitness session looked at ways to build assets, hack our mortgages, get to know crypto currency and ultimately making money work for us and not the other way around.

Physical Fitness focused on ways of enabling us to look after our bodies whilst still being in the midst of busy professional and family lives, again referencing amongst many things BJ Fogg and how to trigger little pockets of exercise after doing something we are already doing ie ten squats everytime you go to the toilet.

Since the workshop I have experienced greater clarity, sense of purpose and a deeper focus.

I know I’m not doing the course any justice whatsoever with my ineloquent one paragraph descriptions, but I hope the essential gist comes across and that is that this is a life-changing workshop that needs to be experienced to be fully realised.

I personally came away from it totally inspired. Since the workshop I have experienced greater clarity, sense of purpose and a deeper focus. I appreciate where I am at right now but I’m moving steadily, everyday, towards becoming more of the person I want to be.

Tickets for the full 3 day Breakthrough seminar have recently gone on sale and can be purchased by visiting the Do Lectures HERE, and if you can’t attend any of their workshops physically then many of them have been turned into brilliant books.


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