What we do

Colourful wearable art spray painted onto a leather jacket by Joe Miles X Shores. The jacket has been covered in multi-coloured spray paint which contrasts against the black leather jacket canvas. The jacket hangs against an bright orange backdrop.

We sell wearable art.

 We collaborate with established UK artists to create wearable art.

What is wearable art?

Totally unique artwork painted, printed or sprayed onto a jacket that can be worn or framed.


We want you to wear your ART on your sleeve. Not for the wallflowers, our one-of-a-kind designs make your statement heard. Each piece is just as unique as you are. 


For our hand-painted leather jackets, we prep the leather before using a flexi-leather paint specially designed for the task. We then coat the art work in a matte finish top coat for extra protection.

We took time to ensure that we found the very best materials to work with. We even have the scrapbook to prove it.


Which artists do you work with?

For our first auction, we collaborated with the brilliant Anthony Walker. You can keep up to date with all our upcoming artists by subscribing to our newsletter. We work with a range of different artists to offer a whole host of art styles.