Anthony Walker - Hand-Painted Leather Jacket

by your-shores

You are bidding to win a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted jacket by Anthony Walker.

Anthony has used specialist flexi-leather paint and a matte protective coating to bring his vision to life. The piece has been inspired by Anthony's interest in classic tattoo culture and displays his unique talent for hyper-realistic art.

The hand-painted jacket is a men's real leather, medium size, asymmetric biker that measures:
Shoulder-to-shoulder - 15 inch
Shoulder-to-hem - 24 inch
Waist - 38 inch
Arm length - 26 inch

The item can be worn or framed.

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Learn more about Anthony

Anthony is an established UK artist based in Croydon, London. He specialises in hyper-realism art. Most of the commissions he currently works on are portrait based. For this project, Anthony wanted to explore a new genre and flex his creativity.